Love is a funny thing

This is a fabulous little number about NYC livin.  It’s safe to say I’ve followed every “how to” this article presents.

I just read my old blog cover to cover….the one I started way back in 2004 when I first landed in Manhattan.  I’m gonna be real.  I didn’t like New York at first.  If I’m really honest, I didn’t like it for a long time.

Because it’s a really freakin’ hard place to  live.

But, I’m no quitter.  So I stuck it out.  And stuck it out.  And stuck it out.  And one day, many years later, I woke up and realized I actually like this place.  No wait, I actually love this city.

Yep, I fell in love and didn’t even know it.

When, exactly, did that happen?  It’s hard to say, but probably somewhere in between all the ass-kickings.  Once those bruises, welps, and scabs began to heal, I could finally taste the sweet stuff.

And how sweet it is.


I didn’t come to New York City for New York City.  I didn’t know shit about this place and I hardly watched any movies growing up.  I didn’t come to be an artist or an actor or a fashionista or a writer.  I didn’t even come here because I hated Texas.  I just came for something different.

And different is what I got.
And different is what I became.

And so I now have two lovers.  Which is perfectly fine by me.


2 thoughts on “Love is a funny thing

  1. Ooh…you are juggling two lovers? Very sassy. Ha. Love this post. Can sort of relate, although Graz is no NY. Will you never move back to Texas? I don’t know where we’ll go. The Texanness of everything and everyone is blaringly obvious to me know. I sat next to a guy from Lubbock in Frankfurt wearing his big belt buckle, camo baseball cap and Wranglers and told him “I haven’t seen someone like you in so long!”. haha. Saw your brother and met his new g-friend when I was home. It was good to catch up. that is a dang long comment there!


  2. Two lovers indeed. Will I ever move back to Texas? Quite possibly. I need to finish sowing my oats, whatever that means. I totally know what you mean about the blaring “Texanness” of things. I feel like a snob saying that, but you know it’s true. Glad you got to see my bro. His lady seems like a winner.

    When you gonna start putting your mad skillz to work on wordpress blog? I need help! Just sayin.

    Thanks for commenting!


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