Surf’s Up

I recently got back from my happy place (aka Montauk) and finally tried a little of this:

Ok, so that is totally not me (but I’m flattered if you thought it was).  It’s world famous surfer Layne Beachley.  Seeing as I was a tiny bit hungover during my 2 hour lesson, I did a lot of this:

and even more of this:

But, my surfing instructor was right.  The ocean is the best cure for a hangover (though I insisted I didn’t have one and that I was simply “sleep deprived”).  All that to say, sleep deprivation and all, I did manage to stand up a few times and I was proud.  I freakin’ looove being in the water so the fact that I actually looked legit for a few seconds was just an added bonus.  I’m ready for more.  As it turns out, water is much gentler on the joints than snow.  Bring on the Rockaways!  Who’s in?


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