Third Party (and fourth and fifth and…)

Election season consistently makes me giddy and makes me want to smash out windows in anger.  It’s complicated.  I love democracy.  Let me repeat.  I LOVE democracy.  It is the only system–in it’s pure form, of course–that gives power to the powerless.  That lets people use their own minds.  That’s designed to make individuals feel like they matter.  That creates conversation that forces us to more closely examine ourselves.

I love political process, but I am tired of the party rhetoric.  Our two-party system has made us unthoughtful, uncomplicated and, quite frankly, dumber.  If it is not This, it is That.  Our minds have no room for the spaces between, for the narrative versions of the stats, for the possibility of a third option, or a fourth, or…

Complexity, you see, is no friend of ours.  It makes the world a scarier place.  We may have to realize that gay marriage is not the enemy.  That evangelicals are not the enemy.  That the president himself is not the enemy.  But that we are the enemy.  WE are the enemy.  You + Me = Enemy Number 1.  Most Americans are living out a false narrative of who they are, where they come from and what they deserve.  If you think that there’s bound to be a job out there for those who simply try hard enough, you are wrong.  If you think that welfare spending is our biggest economic problem, you have never looked at a federal budget.  If you think welfare is a sustainable, dignified system for helping the poor, you have obviously never stepped foot into a welfare office.

People, if we are going to heal this country, each other, and ourselves, we’ve got to get more comfortable with the grey (no, not the Fifty Shades of, though if that gets your intelligence juices flowing who am I to stop you?).  It’s not that complicated.  I mean, it is…but it isn’t.


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