Here we go

2013, baby.  I hate resolutions, but every single year I’m like, “I’m going to write every single day.” Ok, that is just ridiculous from someone who writes a blog post once every month.  Even though I think resolutions generally suck and make me nauseous, I have started developing a list of things I already intended to do this year.  We shall call these my 2013 “reminders”

– Travel internationally for at least one week
– Go on an outdoor adventure that involves pitching a tent
– Run a half marathon
– Write a lot and read a lot
– Spend more time creating

I am quite happy with this list.  It is not vague enough to be annoying and not specific enough to be annoying.

Speaking of reading, I’ve started a weekly article-reading discussion with two of my co-workers.  This Friday we are discussing an article by Earl Shorris called “In the Hands of the Restless Poor.”  He discusses reflection as a way out of poverty, which is such an obviously brilliant concept.  More on that later, but the this is such a crucial difference between how rich and poor are raised.  It reminds me of Freire’s Pedagogy and its reminder of the power of the mind when given the room to fully use its capacities.  Powerful stuff.


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