Pink is my favorite crayon

I usually love my job, but today I seriously wanted to punt one of my students across the room.  I’m trying to help them resolve really basic workplace conflict scenarios and this dude will not shut up about how he doesn’t really need this program and he’s really cut out to be his own boss and he should be supervising people, blah, blah, blah.  Ummm….hold on a sec.  You seriously enrolled yourself in a program for people with criminal convictions and now you’re telling me you’re too good for it?  I know I’m supposed to be compassionate and whatever but I am so over that kind of nonsense.  Please do not humble yourself enough to sign up for a program and then waste all your breath telling everyone how much you don’t need the program.  And all this from a grown-ass man.  Unbelievable.

Thankfully, my next class chose Pink! for there Pandora playlist of choice.  We rocked out together and the world was happy again for those few precious minutes.  And, what’s a sour day without buying a little pick-me-up, a new addition to my cosmetic wardrobe:







Here, here to the year of the pink!


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