Sea God

I went to the movies the other day and saw this preview for Kontiki:

I had no idea this was a real story, which just goes to show what a solid grasp of history I have.  Regardless, there are legit whales and sharks in this movie and I therefore MUST go see it.  Just the 2 second shot of the whale (or is it a whale shark?) made me have a minor freak out.  I don’t know what it is about these creatures but I am weirdly obsessed and enamored.  I mean, to the point where if I even look at a picture of a whale I’ve been known to tear up a little.  The animals are incredibly other-worldly.  Something of that size has got to be left over from a different sort of time-space continuum.  Seriously.  They are majestic.  I just don’t get how a creature like that is out there swimming in the ocean somewhere right now.  Ridiculous.

And, speaking of whale flicks, if you’ve never seen Whale Rider, you should probably do that soon.  It’s one of my favorite movies.  Also, I started reading a book about whales at the bookstore today but the author seemed more into himself than the whales so I’m going in search of a different one.


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