Debates About….What, Exactly?

Written on Thursday evening….

So I just got home from watching the GOP presidential debates. If I’m honest, I only watch these for their entertainment value, not because I think anyone is actually going to say something revolutionary.

To me, national politics function like corporations in this country. They hold all the power yet exist to maintain the status quo. I’ve been temping for a very prominent and well known company in NYC. One of my functions is to coordinate an ongoing training series for new managers. I sat in on said training the other day and the demographics of the participants spoke volumes.  Roughly 85% were white and about 3 out of the 15 present were female. This is one of the many things that irks me about corporate and capitalist culture in this country.  We revere these multi-million and billion dollar organizations with their fancy buildings and cutting edge technologies and brand notoriety, yet their guts–the core of leaders at the helm–often looks like something out of a Mad Men episode, a scene from a long-gone era.

And that’s exactly what I see on the TV screen watching the presidential debates.  Except it’s worse.  Women may as well not exist.  And that’s just not the kind of scene I want to be a part of so I tend to ignore national politics all together.  One should always know their limits and when I see something that far our of touch with the world  I’m striving to create for myself, my reaction is to just go numb to it.  Whether that’s good or bad or somewhere in between it’s just where I’m at.


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