And, then…

I am going to keep writing about this stupid election until there is nothing more to say, which is looking like may be a while.  Since I don’t have many Trump supporters in my direct circles and the ones I do have I swore off talking politics with several years ago I have had to google why people voted for this asshole.  Here are some things I found followed by some things I have to say about the things I found:

Illegal immigrants: First of all, I’m pretty sure the people who are citing this as a reason for voting for Trump have probably never met an undocumented person in their life and are completely unaware of the fact that if every undocumented immigrant left the country right now, our service industry, farming and so many other vital parts of our economy would completely tank.  So, you know what…if you are upset about having to pay taxes so that undocumented people can receive medical care or whatever else it is you cry about all the time, just think about the sticker shock you’ll have when you get the bill at your favorite restaurant or grocery store or retailer once all of the undocumented folks leave town.  Then you’ll be begging to foot their health insurance bill.  See this and this.

OK, well that’s apparently all the energy I have for this post.  The show must go on tomorrow….peace (good Lord do we need a lot of that right now).


One thought on “And, then…

  1. People look to the wrong answer when it comes to illegal Immigrants. No illegal immigrant can legally work in the USA without a social security number. No illegal immigrant can own a business in the USA without a tax id number, both Federal and State.

    If the government would focus on drying up the money paid to illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants would stop entering this country. Illegal Immigrants come to this country for the betterment of their life – that is based upon money. If government would start prosecuting those that hire illegal immigrants and pay them outside the employment laws of this country, the illegal immigrant problem would resolve itself.

    In other words, if a business or other types of employers were prosecuted and sent to prison for having a person in their employ who did not have a social security card and were required to pay all taxes, insurance, and other benefits they didn’t pay the illegal immigrant and the government, you wouldn’t hear another word about illegal immigrants.

    If government contractors were audited as to payroll and employees and then prosecuted AND had to forfeit their contracts, you wouldn’t hear another word about illegal immigrants. I would also state that if the president-elect’s businesses were audited, it would be discovered that he has employed or does employ illegal immigrants. Somehow, all of that has been over looked in this last election. Construction and the hotel industry is a big contributor to the employment of illegal immigrants.

    Furthermore, money is the issue behind any public policy and politicians play it to the hilt. At the same time, Politicians protect business interests to the hilt. Trump will act no differently, especially when his empire is built on business interests. Do you really think a blind trust is going to stop conflicts of interest when his kids are going to be controlling his business interests and reporting directly to Trump? And if that does happen, do you think Trump will ever be prosecuted for it?

    America’s fear is that an illegal immigrant is going to commit some crime against an American in the future. Politicians use that fear by applying it to all immigrants. Truly, if someone wants to commit a crime against the USA, most likely they will do it right under our noses like they did in 9/11! All those that participated in those events were legally in this country. They learned t ofly in this country, they stayed at the best hotels in this country and they used their credit cards and banks in this Country.

    Fixing things, such as illegal immigrants can be easy, if we simply stop playing with emotions, include everyone in the conversation, put aside our personal monetary interests and apply ethical & moral standards. Sadly, that simply will never happen again in the USA..I listen to idiots talk about our founding fathers & the constitution – what would they have done? They would have done exactly what I stated in my second sentence. Americans today will not listen to or act as did our founding fathers!


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