Ties that Break

This last trip to Texas was a real doozy and I’m not sure where to begin but here is where I try to make some sense of things. A few realizations I had while I was back in my home state the past week (and I’m sure more on the horizon): I’ve turned out really... Continue Reading →

A Poem About Love

I have learned that love is a malleable thing. It builds fences and abruptly tears them down. It is never what you think and always what you want. I have learned that love is a complicated thing. Unattached to the hopes you had for it. Love instructs From within and without I have learned that... Continue Reading →

On fighting to understand

In December’s RELEVANT Magazine podcast, hip-hop artist and man of faith Propaganda spoke about the then-recent Eric Garner verdict and race relations in America. I just listened to it the other night and thought his words carried such truth, simplicity and depth. He put words to so many frustrations that often whirl around my own... Continue Reading →

Happy new year, folks.  I just started a fresh page in my Doogie Howser style computer journal.  I stared at the blank screen and immediately closed it.  I figure if I have anything to say, I may as well share it with some people.  My friend and I had a conversation about this recently.  She... Continue Reading →

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