A Poem About Love

I have learned that love is a malleable thing. It builds fences and abruptly tears them down. It is never what you think and always what you want. I have learned that love is a complicated thing. Unattached to the hopes you had for it. Love instructs From within and without I have learned that... Continue Reading →

Alexander and the….

Sometimes nothing is right. You can't sleep. And the errand takes 2 hours longer than it's supposed to. And the keys go missing Just in time to need to move your car to evade a parking ticket. And your hour haircut turns into three (making you late to work) And no customers come Because winter... Continue Reading →

Scratch Paper

Here's some stuff I found in the ole' iPhone "notes" archives: I jotted this down a few weeks ago while attending Birth of a Hip Hop Nation at BAM. The show was a little bit of poetry, music, dance and awesomeness. This was inspired by a white dude poet who just totally owned his whiteness on... Continue Reading →

Rants on Love

I went to another Brooklyn Poets YAWP last night.  The theme was "rants" (positive or negative).  Remember--said our teacher--rants are not thought out.  They are messy and careless and unafraid to be any of those things.  Hello, Killing Superwoman in the flesh! And so I ranted.  About my yellow coffee mug ("..would marry it if... Continue Reading →


To those that grew up thinking best was never meant for you Who believed that was true I feel for you For the women who never owned the space or thought they could Your voice is there For the using, not the taking And the young who committed themselves to particular walls Built not of... Continue Reading →

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