The Aftermath

OK y’all. These are rough times.  Everyone’s mad. Trump’s got us all freewheeling on the end of his unyielding yo-yo string.  Executive orders are flying and the worst of our fears are coming true.  But we can’t live like this.  We just can’t.  It’s not sustainable.  We are all going to have early heart attacks... Continue Reading →

Ties that Break

This last trip to Texas was a real doozy and I’m not sure where to begin but here is where I try to make some sense of things. A few realizations I had while I was back in my home state the past week (and I’m sure more on the horizon): I’ve turned out really... Continue Reading →

Nothing is logical

Dating sucks and men suck and I don't think that too many other women my age would disagree with me on that.  I changed my Bumble profile today to say that we should be friends until we figure out what it is we're both looking for.  Because, let's be honest, 99.9% of men on dating sites... Continue Reading →


People are stupid.  They tell you what to do and how to do it and that you should write if that's what you want to do and not think so much about it.  That you should write for yourself and not for other people.  That you should just post your dumb first draft full of... Continue Reading →

Alexander and the….

Sometimes nothing is right. You can't sleep. And the errand takes 2 hours longer than it's supposed to. And the keys go missing Just in time to need to move your car to evade a parking ticket. And your hour haircut turns into three (making you late to work) And no customers come Because winter... Continue Reading →

Women in Politics

Tonight I attended a workshop by the Women's Campaign School at Yale aimed at women who want to run for office or get involved in campaign work.  WCS is a non-partisan leadership program aimed at increasing the number of women in elected and appointed offices.  I had flashbacks of my Catholic all-girls' school education with... Continue Reading →

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