I continue to think about these recent tragedies. Continue to turn them ‘round in my head. Continue to think of them from one million miles away and one centimeter away. From all perspectives it’s loss. From all perspectives it is utterly sad and utterly senseless. I think of past conversations on race I’ve had with... Continue Reading →


People are stupid.  They tell you what to do and how to do it and that you should write if that's what you want to do and not think so much about it.  That you should write for yourself and not for other people.  That you should just post your dumb first draft full of... Continue Reading →

Who We Look at When We Say Things

I had an epiphany the other week. It came in the form of an email—a Donald Trump article circulated amongst family members. An article about his appeal to white working class men. About the state of white working class men and how the institutions of labor and marriage are no longer working in their favor.... Continue Reading →

The Personal vs. Political of White

Ben Fields.  You might recognize that name from recent headlines.  (It also happens to be the name of the best man at my parents' wedding...but I digress.)  Ben Fields is a South Carolina police officer who made headlines last month for this video in which he violently flips a female high school student out of her desk on account... Continue Reading →

Alexander and the….

Sometimes nothing is right. You can't sleep. And the errand takes 2 hours longer than it's supposed to. And the keys go missing Just in time to need to move your car to evade a parking ticket. And your hour haircut turns into three (making you late to work) And no customers come Because winter... Continue Reading →

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